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  • "Whether you are a mama or experience heavy menstrual cycles, I highly recommend checking these out!" - Lucy U. - Master trainer and pregnancy specialist - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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When we look good, we feel good!

We're bringing sexy back.  That's right, no more bulky pads or visible underwear lines.  

Our leak-proof collection is designed with a high waistband in mind and also shapes to lift your butt, so let's celebrate those curves.

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Leak-proof innovation

Flow 2 Freedom's patent-pending Kwantum TM technology can absorb at least two tampons worth of liquid so you can stay focused on your workout because the only thing that you should be dripping in is sweat.

Sustainable Activewear

We purposely choose to use materials like recycled plastic, bamboo and organic cotton which are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Each pair of pants is made of approximately 6 recycled plastic bottles.


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