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Honouring Your Truth

June 01, 2019

It can take years for our thoughts and actions to catch up to our gut feelings, our truth. It’s not always easy to face who we are and what we believe in. But once we take a risk and start honouring our truths, anything is possible. Life becomes authentic and meaningful and something you can’t wait to wake up to every day.

I used to be ashamed of my truth. When I was a teenager, I began to suffer from very heavy menstrual bleeding, which I now know is called menorrhagia. Like most things to do with your body at that age, I was embarrassed to talk about it. When I finally confessed my angst to my mom, she told me to just suck it up. According to her, recent generations have it easy compared to “back in the day.” But with sports, class, and all those things that make up high school life, heavy periods were too much to endure, so I went to a doctor. After blood work and an ultrasound came up normal, the only suggestion was to start taking birth control pills.

I tried to control my heavy periods with hormonal pills for 15 years. With the pills, the flow slowed a little, but all kinds of side effects were introduced. Mood swings, depression, weight gain, and more. Again, I kept all these to myself, hiding behind an “everything’s fine” façade. What doctors don’t always tell you is that these hormonal pills trick your body into menopause because you’re not ovulating. Not a super healthy condition to force your body into. My truth was drugged and my body was in an unnatural state.

After high school and then more school, I experienced success in the corporate world, but something was always gnawing at me. With over a decade of building a corporate career, I accepted that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. I was doing well and compensated well. But I wanted more. I wanted to contribute to society, to connect with people like me.

Meanwhile, heavy periods raged on. And I was determined to find a solution beyond birth control pills. I booked appointments with top gynecologists, but, again, the only remedy was a pill – this time one that was the equivalent to 4 regular painkillers, which I had to take 3 times a day.

Clearly there had to be options so I searched offline and online and came across leak-proof underwear, and found a few that finally gave me some confidence during my period. But there wasn’t anything out there for athletes or someone like me who liked working out all the time. And I wasn’t keen on showing off the thick lines of the bulky underwear underneath my workout tights. Sports and keeping fit had remained a passion since school. Yet I had endured years of fear associated with my periods and exercise. Enough was finally enough. I wasn’t willing to give up on my passion without a fight.

This was when my truth showed up. I stopped looking for solutions that didn’t exist and began to envision creating those solutions myself. I figured there must be other women out there like me. Women afraid to leave home during their periods, scared to exercise in case they accidentally peed, anxious of every period moment and the “what ifs”. I was that woman. That was my truth.

It’s time to embrace uncertainty, take risks, and speak up for what I believe in. Enter Flow 2 Freedom, I thought since there wasn't anything that suited my needs out in the market why don't I create something customized for myself?  There were a few things right from the start that was very important to me.  As a true lover of fashion, how can I design a piece that looked and fit great like some of my existing workout leggings but concealed any panty lines or bulky padding?  The concern of fast fashion and not adding any unnecessary damage to our environment was also a concern.  The result is choosing to create a line of eco-friendly athletic apparel designed for style, comfort, and leakage protection. Now I honour my truth and hope to inspire other women to do the same.


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